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About me!

Hey everyone! My name is Brandy, but you can call me Bran. I am a English & Theatre graduate from USC, a wife and a mama to a beautiful daughter named Genevieve. Outside of being a small business owner, I am a studying/working actor & model. I am an old soul with a love for antiques, house plants and Jesus. I am an artist at heart, in and out of work! 


About me!

Hi y'all! My name is Megan, but most call me Meg! 

I am a graduate in Psychology from Newberry College. Prior to becoming a small business owner, I worked several years with adults and children with disabilities. I had so much love for my clients and their families! I am a wife and mama of 4 amazing boys, two in which we were blessed with through foster & adoption. I have a true passion for interior decorating and hosting celebrations! God is my anchor through all things. 



We are best friends, sisters & practically twins. About 3 years ago we were each blessed with two miracle babies, 9 weeks apart. As young new mamas, we prayed hard about a new journey for our families, in which Rodgers Creations LLC was born. Named after our grandparents (who were such a major influence in our upbringing), we wanted to honor their love for others as well as their passion in creating & all things celebrations! 

Thank you for loving us, for supporting us & for inviting us into your celebrations! We promise to each of our clients to pour our whole hearts into making your catering extra special! 

XOXO, Bran and Meg 

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